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Virginia's Major Construction Specialists

Professional Contractors Group, Inc. has been called upon for major construction throughout eastern Virginia communities.  One of our biggest renovations took place when they restored the historic St. Paul Catholic High School in Portsmouth that was built in 1891.

Below is the first hand account from the team, complete with photos.  This particular project earned Professional Contractors Group, Inc. a nomination for the Best Renovated/Historic Rehabilitation award.

Major Construction

1. Two of the walls had been painted with the marine paint when they were interior walls and we could not remove the paint without destroying the brick.

2.  Tiles had been applied to two sides of the building and removing the cement that held the tiles created some surface damage to the bricks.

3.  Experts advising us on the brick work noted that the "good" side had been sand blasted and was showing signs of deterioration.  As a result we were granted approval by the city and state to paint the exterior.  

The team is extremely pleased with the outcome of the building and proud to present it as a candidate for the Best Renovated/Historic Rehabilitation award.

1891 St. Paul Catholic High School Portsmouth

The 6,000 square foot property was built in 1891 as a school by the nearby St.Paul's Catholic Church in the Olde Towne Section of Portsmouth.  The building was purchased from the City of Portsmouth by the 441 Washington Street LLC in August 2005.  Construction started in September 2005 and was completed with issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy in mid September 2006.  Restoration of the exterior of the building was performed based on old photographs and the interior restoration was based on evidence found during the rehabilitation process.  After removal of layers of ceiling tiles, floor tiles and cement we found evidence of wainscoted ceilings, maple hardwood floors, and the location of the original center stairway.  

One of the most difficult and disappointing aspects of the refurbishing was to find that the outside brick walls would have to be painted.  We had always planned to replace broken bricks and point the building to maintain the brick as it had been. However, three things prevented us from doing that.